The inline 6 engine from BMW

I’ve driven BMW’s and there is a reason I’ll continue – not for the prestige but for the reliability and driving experience.  The first one a 1986 325i,  then 1992 328i, then a 2000 528i, and currently I drive a 2006 330ci (yes a convertible). You’ll notice each car, I had for 6 years, 8 years, 6 years, and now going on 7 years with the convertible. And when I was done with one, the car wasn’t done with me. Years are one thing, mileage is another 350K, 480K, 335K and the current one is just rolling in at 200K – all rock solid.  I drive these cars and they continue to be dependable.

The most interesting thing to me is the engine. The same inline 6 (I-6) in variations of displacement. In a world of constant change – how does this engine which started as an aircraft engine from BMW’s beginning in 1917 through today, still be one of the best engines out there. The I-6 – a Ward’s 10 Best Engines winner for 12 of the competition’s 13 years. Awards are one thing, but the fact that it still continues be the engine they put in to their cars today, is incredible.

Just goes to say, do things right the first time. Measure twice cut once and continue to refine is the way to go. I’m tired of new for the sake of being new. Spend a little more time in R&D, testing and get it right.  Because when we do we are much better off.  And it goes without saying the I-6 is so much a part of the brand’s tradition that the letters BMW almost cannot be said without mentioning the magnificent I-6 in the same breath.

And the sound this engine makes is exhilarating – click to video link at the top of this post and hear the newest version of the I-6. And now you’ll know why I bought a convertible.

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