Own a dog? Look at that face. How could you ever get mad at your best friend for swallowing your keys? Especially when you can unlock your car anyway.

Volkswagen could have demonstrated the magic of keyless entry in any number of ways, but none would have been as hangdog adorable as the scenario in Volkswagen’s latest Jetta commercial. In the spot from agency Deutsch L.A. and director Noam Murro, a bulldog-owning VW owner is about to start his commute when he realizes Fido has eaten the keys. Luckily, the Jetta comes equipped with wireless keys whose signal is so strong, the owner can still unlock the car and operate windows even when the device is deep inside a doggy digestive system. (Johnny Cash’s cover of “Dirty Ol’ Egg-Sucking Dog” plays while the poor pooch is held up to the car door.)

Will dog lovers out there howl at the idea of the potential intestinal blockage (and vet bills) that may result from this disclaimer-less escapade? (How big is that key anyway…?) Check out the 30-second commercial and tell us what you think below.

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